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Activity 1: Watching a Movie!


Can you identify the 6 basic shots in your favorite TV show?

– TV
– Sheet of paper

Step 1: Turn on your favorite television show or movie and turn off the sound, mute it.

Step 2: For the next 5 minutes write down each of the shots that appears on the screen, choosing from one of the six shots: Close up on the Action, Close up on the Face, Wide Shot, Over the Shoulder, Medium Shot, or Experimental Shot.

Step 3: Underline with a different color the shots that were used the most. Which of the 6 shots was your favorite? Why?

For younger kids: Ask your parents for help identifying the shots. 

For older kids: Duplicate the 6 shots you saw in the movie using your own camera or cellphone. You’d be surprised what a cool mini movie you can make using only these basic shots!

Helpful links:

If you need a review of the six shots, you can check out the Day 1 page on the Leave it Better website

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Activity 2: Find an Action!

How do you “Leave it Better” in every day?

– Paper

Step 1: Fold the piece of paper in two. On one side, make a list of all the people who live in your house. You can include your friends and neighbors too if you want.

Step 2: Ask every person from your list “What do you do to leave it better?”, and write their answers in front of their names. Here are some examples: Turn off lights when you are not in a room, Turning off the television when no one is watching, Turning off water when no one is using it, Turning off air conditioner when it is not needed, Taking shorter showers, Brushing teeth with as little water as possible, Growing food at a community garden, Buying food from a farmers’ market, Having plants at home, Cooking meals together, Composting food scraps at farmers market, Composting food scraps with a worm bin, reusing a tin can to hold pencils, recycling paper, recycling plastic, recycling cardboard…

Step 3: Now you have a list of ideas of actions you can do to leave the environment better! Try to incorporate them to your daily life.

For younger kids: Read over the list with your parents. Is there another activity that you want to add to the list? Try to start doing a new thing to help the environment!

For older kids: Several people might give you the same answers. Make a bar graph or pie graph with the answers. What is the most popular action? Why do you think it’s the most popular?

Useful links: 

  1. Here’s an example of a pie chart and an explanation on how to do it!
  2. From Lily and her parent Jessie, we have this website that talks about the three Rs and much, much more. Thanks Lily and Jessie!
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Activity 3: Start Shooting!

Can you use your shooting skills to make a story flow?

– Phone/camera

Step 1: Think of an activity that involves several steps, like doing the laundry, organizing your room, making the bed, or planting seeds.

Step 2: Take out your phone or your camera, and make a movie about it! What are the different steps? Try to use each of the 6 shots to make an 8 seconds recording of each step.

Step 3: Let’s say that the activity you choose to film is Cooking A Meal, and you’re preparing a salad. The first action would be washing the lettuce. So film as many of the 6 shots of washing the lettuce as you are able to, holding each shot for 8 seconds. The next step would be to chop the lettuce. So film the 6 shots as someone chops the lettuce. So the same thing with each action, washing the bell peppers, chopping the peppers, washing tomatoes, chopping tomatoes, slicing avocado, scooping avocado, making the salad dressing, and so on! Upload the footage to and we will see how you did!

For younger kids: For step 3, choose a simple action, that has only two or three steps. For example: packing your back, making orange juice, or picking your clothes for the next day.

For older kids: You can do this activity with your friends and make it look like a real movie! With their help, choose an action, and write down the steps. Include a simple dialogue and decide which one of you will be an actor and who will do the shooting.

Useful links:

If you need a reminder of what the shots are, or need to see examples of them, take a look at the Day One page on the Leave it Better website.

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