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Activity 1: Practice an Interview

Can you ask and answer interview questions in your everyday life?

Step 1: Practice your child’s interview skills with them. Start with: “Who are you and where are you?” “What does it mean to ‘leave it better’?” and “How do you leave it better?” You can also ask them any other questions about being green and their “leave it better” actions. (ex. What was your favorite part about that activity? What can we do at home to help leave it better? How do you recycle?)

You can really get into the interviewing spirit by having a fake microphone, like a hairbrush or toothbrush. Pass it back and forth during your interview.

Step 2: Next, have your child interview you. You may need to help them by brainstorming a list of possible interview questions together. Some examples are:

  1. Who are you and where are you?
  2. How do you leave it better?
  3. Tell me a story about leaving it better

For older kids: Practice with your friends! What kind of answers would someone who wants to learn about your friends like to hear? What kind of questions would you have to ask to get these answers?

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Activity 2: Spot the bug!

What kind of insects live in New York City?

Step 1: Go to the garden or nearby park with your kid. Look for animals and bugs in the soil, the trees, and the grass, without damaging nature. The most common ones are beetles, butterflies, bees, flies, ants, grasshoppers, ladybugs, and moths. Write down the name of all of the ones you find.

Step 2: At home, look them up on the internet and find out what they feed on. A good website to find the information is

Step 3: Tell your kid to draw the different insects next to the food they eat. What food do they like? Which ones eat mostly plants, other bugs, dead leaves, or other organic materials? Why might this be?

For Older Kids: Take photos of the bugs with a camera or your phone, to be able to be more exact when identifying them.

Helpful Links:

Find a list of the most common insects in New York here

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Activity 3: Learn from Watching

Which shots are used in these videos?

Step 1: During this activity, you will watch and critique films from Students will practice noticing different interview skills and film shots. Watch the following videos:

  1. Steve Ells – Chipotle
  2. What We Grow
  3. We Act for Environmental Justice

Step 2: As you are watching the videos, go through the following questions with your child.

  1. What kind of questions do you think the interviewer asked?
  2. Which different shots did they use? (look at Day One for reminders about the 6 different shots)
  3. How did they leave the world better?
  4. What will you do when you are filming to make your video look like these videos?

For Older Kids: Go online and find one video that you think represents the most effective way to make the world a better place.

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