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Day Two – Interviews!

Day Two begins with a review of the 6 basic film shots and watching footage that the students took in the previous class. Following the review, we talk about what shots were done well and ways we can improve. Then, to expand our video storytelling skills, we learn the basics of interviewing. After a class discussion on interviewing and modeling the interviews, students practice the new skills with a partner.

“We are going to add to our video storytelling skills by learning how to interview!”

During the interview, we ask the students six different questions:

  1. Who are you and where are you?
  2. What is gardening?
  3. How do we garden?
  4. Why do we garden?
  5. What is your favorite part about gardening?
  6. Show us your drawing and tell us about it…

The skills learned in Day One and Day Two will will be used throughout the Leave it Better reGeneration program, from composting to harvesting day. These video skills will help the students create the final documentary, which will be screened at the New York Botanical Garden in June.

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