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Day Three – Worms!

Day Three begins with a review of the interview footage from last time. Then, we will talk about ways to improve our interviewing and filming skills. Next, we will learn all about compost. We will talk about how composting helps the environment. Finally, we will learn about worms! The worms help with a special type of composting called “vermicomposting”. Students will then be able to inspect and touch the worms.

“We are going to learn about composting and worms!”

While discussing composting, students will learn:

  1. What compost is made of
  2. How compost is different from trash, recycling, and dead soil
  3. Why composting is good for the earth
  4. That 25% of trash could be composted
  5. How to decrease carbon dioxide emissions by composting

Students will also learn about worms, their role in vermicomposting, and how amazing they are at turning food scraps into nutritious soil. Students will identify the difference between compost and dirt. Finally, students will watch a video about vermicomposting, which uses the 6 different shots we learned on Day One.

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