Day Four- Build a Worm Bin!

We will begin by reviewing vermicomposting and watching the video from Day Three. Then, we will split up into different stations. One group will construct the worm bins. Another group will fill out a worksheet, while a different group films interviews. A separate group will film the six different shots of the worm bin group. Everyone will have a chance to work at these different stations today!

“Today we are starting to make compost by building worm bins!”

Day Four combines all the different things we have learned on Days One, Two, and Three into a very busy, exciting day. Students will practice the 6 different shots they learned on Day One by filming the making of the worm bins.

Students will also practice their interviewing skills that they learned on Day Two.

They will use the lessons they learned about composting on Day Three to construct their worm bins, and begin making their very own compost – which will eventually be used in their own gardens later in the year!

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