Day Five – Nutrition!

Day five begins with a review of Days One to Four, and also a review of the footage from Day Four – building the compost bin. Following the review, we discuss the definition of nutrition and why nutrition is important. We also talk about the importance of eating the different colors of the rainbow and the different vitamin properties of fruits and vegetables. We then break up into groups and work on nutrition-focused activities. In rotating groups, students engage in nutrition-focused activities that may range between categorizing fruits and vegetables according to their nutritional value, creating songs, poems or stories about nutrition, and talking about different produce that they have tried.

“Today we will learn about healthy, nutritious, and delicious foods!”

While discussing nutrition, we will ask and answer questions like:

  • What is nutrition?

  • What is malnutrition?

  • Why is it important to have all different colors of the rainbow represented in your food?

  • What is your favorite nutritious food?

  • Which healthy foods have you eaten?

  • Which healthy foods haven’t you eaten, but want to try?

Day Five combines our garden preparation with our goal of nutritious eating. Students learn about nutritious food, and talk about growing these foods in our garden. We will learn about how our compost from Day Four provides nutrients to the soil, which then go into our food. We will end the day by checking on our compost to see if our worms are still healthy and have enough to eat.

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