Day Six – Garden Preparation

Day 6 begins with a review of Days 1-5 of the reGeneration Program.  On this day, we talk about everything needed to prepare for planting day in the garden.  We discuss the 10 things we need to garden and we review the relevance of each item.  We discuss key concepts related to planting such as germination and regeneration.  Germination occurs when a seed has all the requirements it needs to sprout.  If you harvest lettuce in a way in which the roots are left intact in the soil, the plant will grow back on its own.

“We will be learning how to sow lettuce seeds and what lettuce seeds need to germinate!”

The things we need to plant the seeds in the garden and for the plants to grow tall and strong are soil, compost, water, seeds, people, space temperature, tools and love!

Students will also learn the planting sequence we will follow on planting day and discuss how and why we plant.  We discuss how long it will take for the lettuce seeds to germinate, what the lettuce seeds need to germinate.  We talk about how many weeks it takes for the lettuce to be ready for harvesting.  After students sow their seeds, we will invite them to return to the garden in one week to see if anything has sprouted yet.

These are the steps we need to follow to plant our seeds and to make sure they’ll grow healthily

  1. Loosen the soil
  2. Add compost
  3. Mix compost and soil
  4. Water the soil
  5. Sow the seeds
  6. Cover the seeds
  7. Water the seeds and soil again

In 6 weeks students willreturn to the garden to harvest their lettuce and we celebrate with a harvest party!

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