Day Seven- Planting Day!

After learning about composting and planting during Days One through Six of the program, the students are ready to start planting! We begin the day by reviewing what the students learned about the planting sequence, germination, and garden maintenance on Day Six. Then, we split up the class in three stations. One group will plant the seeds in the soil. Another one will look at the compost from the composting bin that the students built during Day Four, and review the characteristics and importance of composting. The third group will be doing interviews about the composting, planting, and harvesting. All the students will have the chance to go through every station.

“Today we will be using our own compost and planting seeds in the garden!”

On Day Seven, students integrate what they’ve learned throughout the program, from the six shots and interviewing, to how worms help us grow healthy plants. We teach the students a fun chant to help them remember the steps of planting!

First you take the soil,
then you loosen it,
you loosen it

Then you take the compost
and you add it,
you add it

Mix the compost and soil,
Mix the compost and soil

Now you take the water,
and you moisten it,
you moisten it

Sow the seeds,
sow the seeds

A little bit, a little bit,
a little bit more soil
to cover, to cover
to cover the seeds

Last you take more water,
and you sprinkle it,
you sprinkle it

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