Day Eight – Harvest Day!

We begin Day Eight by forming a circle around the garden and observing the lettuce. We ask students to describe what the lettuce plants look like now in comparison to what they looked like 6 weeks ago when it was first planted. Next, we show the students how to harvest lettuce, and which parts we need to leave in the soil so that the plant can regrow. Then, we break up into 3 groups: one group harvests the lettuce, another one uses it to prepare a salad, and the third group practice interviewing.

Today, we are going to harvest the our vegetables!”

After all the students have done every activity, we we will gather around in a circle once again and reflect on the experience. They can choose what they want to share with the class about the experience, or we can help them by asking them:

What did you feel when you harvested the plants?

What was your favorite part; composting, planting, or harvesting? Why?

What did you learn today?

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