Activity 1: How was your fruit salad harvested?

How are different fruits harvested?

On harvest day, the students learned the proper way to harvest lettuce in a way that doesn’t damage the leaves. Each fruit and vegetable is harvested in a different way, some are picked from trees (like apples), some are picked from bushes (like berries), and some are pulled directly from the soil (like carrots and rhubarb).

– Fruits
– Knives, cutting board, and bowls
– Piece of paper
– Pencil

Step 1: Buy fruits of different kinds to make a delicious fruit salad for you and your kid. You can also add nuts to it.

Step 2: While you are making the salad, help your kid make a list of all the fruits that are going into it.

Step 3: Help your kid look up online the different processes for harvesting each fruit. Have them pick up the process that they kind the most interesting and draw it on a piece of paper, next to the drawing of the fruits that is being harvested

For Older Kids: Each fruit has traveled a different distance to get to your plate. Some of them are local (like apples), some come from within the United States (like oranges), and some are imported from other countries (like mango). Look up online where each fruit comes from and calculate the distances they have had to travel before arriving to your plate.

For Younger Kids: Before doing the activity, look up online the processes yourself and pick the one that will be the easiest to understand and to draw. During step 3, instead of searching for each process, show your kid the one you chose.

Helpful Links:

Here’s a short video about harvesting

This is how strawberries are harvested

This is how cherries are harvested


Activity 2: Paper fruit bowl

Can you make a mock fruit bowl just with paper and tape?

Fruits usually don’t last very long if you leave them outside of the fridge. But apples, bananas, and oranges made of paper and tape look pretty and they last far longer!

– Paper or newspaper
– Orange, red, and yellow paint
– Brushes
– Transparent tape
– Black marker

Banana: Take one sheet of paper or of old newspaper and completely paint it yellow. Wait until it dries completely and fold it in the shape of the moon (don’t roll it, because it won’t get the cool texture). Put tape around it to keep the shape. With the marker, draw lines from one tip to the other, and color the ends black.

Orange: Take one or two sheets of paper (depending on how big you want the orange to be), and paint them orange. Once they’re dried, crumble them into a ball as round as possible, and tape it together

Apple: Take one or two sheets of paper (depending on how big you want the apple to be), and paint them red, green, or yellow, depending on what your favorite color of apple is. Once they’re dried, crumble them into a ball as round as possible, and tape it together. Draw a black dot, where the stem of the apple is.

Make as many of each fruits as you want and put them in a bowl!

Scaffolding: To add more variety to the bowl, try making other fruits the same way. Choose easy ones, such as cherries or grapes.

Enrichment: What other fruits can you make this way? Push your creativity and do as many different fruits as you can, remember that we need to eat fruits of every color to stay healthy!

Helpful links:

If you want an extra challenge. you can try making the fruits out of papier mache

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