Day Nine – Film Fest!

The Leave It Better reGeneration Youth Film Festival is a day we celebrate our students knowledge of composting, growing food from seed to plate and creating documentary in which they can share their learning with others.

Lots of preparation goes into Day 9,  the Leave It Better reGeneration Youth Film Festival.  The day before the event, the Leave It Better team heads to the school that has the best crop production and harvests lettuce which will constitute most of the lunch the next day.  After the harvest, the team goes into salad preparation mode, washing, drying, bagging and storing the lettuce in the fridge until the next day.  The team also purchases carrots, tomatoes and salad dressing to supplement the lettuce that was picked.  Forks, plates, salad tongs, bowls and paper towels are all packed into our bags so all will be ready for serving.

On this day, Leave It Better students get to witness their hard work pay off! The students arrive at Ross Lecture Hall at the New York Botanical Garden where their gardening documentary is screened. After the screening, the students hike through the wetlands to the Clay Family Picnic Pavilion where the fresh salad grown by their peers will be served.  Students also have the opportunity to observe worms and learn about compost.

The day ends at the Clay Family Picnic Pavilion as students, teachers, parents and friends wrap up their lunch and visits to the worm bin stations.  Photos are snapped, last bites of salad are taken and well wishes are granted to the teachers and students as everyone disperses to their bus, to other exhibits on the grounds or to a restaurant in the city for a “thank you” meal.

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